6 Easy Ways To get Lid of Headaches Quickly

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is widely used in many different spheres. It also has some significant medical features. Caffeine works as a painkiller when it comes to headaches (while cold water with ice may worsen the situation).

Clinical studies conducted at Albert Einstein College of Medicine show that we can get the best effect if we take caffeine together with analgesics.

We should also add that quitting caffeine may cause a headache. If a person is used to drinking coffee every morning and suddenly stops doing it, they’re likely to experience pain.

2. Acupuncture

Studies within the Technical University of Munich show that acupuncture fights well against tension and chronic headaches. Acupuncture was compared with sham acupuncture in 7 trials. Among participants receiving acupuncture, 51% of them had at least a 50% reduction in headache frequency. After 6 months of treatment, results were improved.

3. Green Light

Scientists from Harvard Medical School revealed that green light significantly reduces sensitivity to light, photophobia, and can even reduce the severity of headaches.

Trial participants who used to experience acute headaches were asked to report any change in headache occurrences when exposed to different intensities of blue, green, amber and red light. In a well-lit room, nearly 80% of the patients reported an intensification of headaches with all colors except green.

Professor Rami Burstein and his colleagues also found that green light reduced pain by about 20%

4. Meditation

Wake Forest Medical Center conducted research to assess the effects of standardized meditation and yoga to reduce stress in adults with migraines.

It was revealed that subjects practicing meditation had trends of fewer migraines that were less severe. What’s more, is headaches got shorter in duration and less disabling, and participants could even have control over their migraines. There were no adverse events revealed after meditation.

5. Diet

According to MD Vincent Martin, processed foods high in monosodium glutamate are potential headache triggers. Such processed foods consist of frozen or canned products, cheese, cottage cheese, some snacks, salad dressings, ketchup and BBQ sauces. It’s recommended to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables along with kinds of meat.

It’s also better to quit drinking alcohol as it’s one of the main headache triggers. The most harmful drinks are vodka and red wine with high histamine content.

6. Colored Glasses

Sunglasses with dark lenses are recommended to all people suffering from headaches and photophobia. But some patients complained that such a method wasn’t always useful or comfortable. Then scientists from the Univesity of Cincinnati designed a study to assess the influence of colored sunglasses on people suffering from headaches.

It was found that 85% of patients reporting photophobia got relief from the symptoms. Such glasses mitigate bright light and can be used indoors, which can optimize relief in those who suffer from photophobia, or light sensitivity.

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